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Why Your Office Windows Need A Window Tint

Is your office full of employees squinting uncomfortably?

Does it alternate between some sort of near death experience (blinding white light that no one can see through) or almost complete blackout?

Is this because you have vast, massive windows that get plentiful sunlight and the only option has been to use a black out blind, roller or shutters of some description, to keep the sun’s rays at bay?

And in the winter, is it sometimes cold because you are losing heat through those big windows, unless you block them out with drapes, in which case, your office becomes a dark and slightly depressing place to be?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe your office needs to have window films applied to it – and quickly!

Even if the glaring sun is not a problem, there are many other reasons to get your office windows professionally tinted and the good news is that here in Edmonton, Canada, we are not short of quality providers to deliver the job.

Here are all the reasons for choosing a window tint film for your office.


As we have mentioned, excess light can be a problem in offices. It is often more of a problem in offices, than other workplaces, or the home, because generally offices have much bigger windows than other buildings.

And they also have more windows as well. In fact, in some buildings, the office might be partly or even completely covered by glass. This can lead to a lot of glare!

Glare is the one thing that you can do without in an office, where there are people looking at screens all day long!

Even when you have drawn a blind to shade the screens, there is still the issue of face to face contact – it is hard to maintain this properly when you are squinting at somebody, because there is so much light it is uncomfortable.


Comfort. There, we have hit on the crux of the matter. As any boss should know, making the workplace environment as comfortable as possible yields results, in terms of staff productivity.

If your office is comfortable, airy, warm; but not hot, and light; but not glaringly bright, then you have got the best chance of getting more out of your workforce. And everyone wants that!

By fitting window tints, you can eliminate glare and enhance the comfort of your staff at work. But there is more…


Similar to enhancing comfort and removing glare, a window tint can make a stiflingly hot summer office, a cool and pleasant place to work.

Likewise, in the winter months, a tint may do the opposite and help seal in the heat in a room.


Especially if your office premises are at ground level, there might be a lot of prying eyes staring into your business. This is not necessarily something you or your staff want!

There are a range of tints you can install to make your office more private. From a dark tint, that you can still see out of, but makes it harder for people to see inside, to a complete mirror tint.

The mirror tint is popular with offices especially, as this means people can see out properly, whereas no one can look in at all. And they can look very stylish from the outside as well!


Some window tints can help your security and safety, because they hold the pieces of glass together when they break. If you have experienced break-ins, vandalism or just accidental damage, this might be an option for you!